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The 4th GhPN Gala is now ADINKRA BALL. The 2024 Adinkra Ball dubbed "Celebrating African Excellence” is an event hosted by the Ghanaian Professionals Network.


The 2024 GhPN Adinkra Ball is a celebration of unity and heritage, bringing together people from all walks of life. In a dazzling display of culture, the event is adorned with intricate Adinkra symbols, each carrying profound meaning. This event is aimed at achieving three primary goals:

  • Recognize and appreciate the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals of African descent in the diaspora.

  • Showcase the rich and diverse African culture, heritage, and traditions in the diaspora, highlighting the positive impact and influence of African excellence across different sectors.

  • Raise funds for the GhPN Scholarship Fund


Attendees will experience an immersion of Ghanaian culture, fashion, displays of art, and opportunities to bid on items, which will support the GhPN Scholarship & Educational Support Programs.


Ghanaian Professionals Network, GhPN, is an organized 501(c)(3) non-profit group that brings Ghanaian professionals together to build a vibrant social and professional network.

Our goal is to help support and advance the careers, businesses, and education interests of our community through mentoring, networking, community education and academic scholarship. Ultimately, we want to influence the image and progress of the Ghanaian community in the diaspora and back home.

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The GhPN Scholarship Program is designed to encourage, support, and recognize outstanding Ghanaian youths for their academic excellence or talents. This merit-based scholarship will be awarded to high school or undergraduate students for their academic, athletic, or artistic abilities. Proceeds from the gala will go towards the scholarship. 
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